How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

If you want to avoid expensive damage to your home you should take a close look at the condition of your roof twice a year: in spring, once all the snow has melted, and in autumn, well before snow sets in. These are the danger signs you should be looking for and what causes them. We are happy to come and provide you an expert opinion and advice on how to best address any problems that you may come across.

Blistering and/or peeling of outside paint


Dark areas on roof

This is typically caused by pollutants and fungal or algae growth.

Roof shingle, sheathing or siding decay

Usually caused by poor attic ventilation, these are signs that moisture is building up underneath your roof or siding materials. If not addressed, this can lead to moisture damage or rot affecting structural components of your roof such as joists.

Leaks in the attic after driving rain

If you come across water in your attic it is usually caused by inadequate shingle underlayment, allowing water to penetrate through the surface of your roof, or by deteriorated flashing, allowing water to come through the edges of your roof.

Missing, cracked, or curling shingles

Your shingles have reached the end of their useful life and your roof is no longer fully weatherproof.





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